Critical V-Shaper - Waist Slimming Belt

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Develop the Perfect Physique

"By keeping your core compressed, the V-Shaper will have you standing taller and with confidence, while gradually reducing your waistline - resulting in a tapered, athletic physique."


- Firm, structured construction 
- Removable back support tabs 
- Triple strap design 
- Breathable, quick drying material 
- Easily adjusts to a comfortable fit 

 - Reduced waistline
 - Increases thermogenic activity  
 - Promotes better posture 
 - Tightens abdominal muscles 
 - Back support
 - Helps shape waist 
 - Discreet, minimalistic design



Our durable belts are made for men who want to trim a couple inches from their waist. Although working in a similar way, this high quality belt has been designed completely different to a corset.

The belt helps you control your diet by decreasing your appetite, without feeling like you're starving yourself - making dieting much easier.  You will notice yourself standing taller, straighter, thereby improving posture and the strength of your lower back muscles.
"It’s a belt that provides multiple benefits simultaneously."

Those who are trying to improve their physique through bulking up and shaping their muscle mass will find the slimming belt a godsend.  The belt will gradually reduce and shape the size of the waist, which will result in the appearance of wider shoulders and a defined v-taper.
With this belt, you will notice results within a matter of weeks.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to start seeing a change in the size of your waist, a reduction in appetite, and an improvement with your physique.  Just a few hours each day, starting out, and gradually increasing your tolerance until your body becomes accustomed to the fit and shape.  It’s super simple, anyone can do it!

Discover a better YOU!

Wearing a V-Shaper training belt will achieve your perfect physique by gradually bringing in your waistline - resulting in a tapered, aesthetic appearance.
V-Shaper belts also offer a high level of back support & core stabilization. Helping to reduce back pain and improve posture, making the V-Shaper perfect for both training & recovery.
How to use
The V-Shaper slimming belts are super simple to get on and off.
    1. Strap the main part of the belt firmly around your waist.
    2. Use the secondary straps to tighten the belt to your desired fit.
    3. You are good to go! Enjoy the benefits of your new V-Shaper slimming belt.
Size Chart - circumference of your waist