Critical Muscle - Ab Slings - Critical Muscle
Critical Muscle - Ab Slings - Critical Muscle
Critical Muscle - Ab Slings - Critical Muscle
Critical Muscle - Ab Slings - Critical Muscle
Critical Muscle - Ab Slings - Critical Muscle

Critical Muscle - Ab Slings

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Introducing the latest gym ab straps for total ab development and advanced muscle training.

Made from heavy duty material, these pull up straps are the bodybuilder’s ultimate gym companion and are universally compatible for most gym machinery and equipment. Carve the perfect abs and get muscle definition with these versatile ab workout straps; let the padded elbow sleeve cushion you for comfort and let the extra wide straps give you support whilst minimising stress. Highly resistant, these advanced ab slings provide lasting performance.Build an amazing six pack in no time with this hanging abdominal workout sling. Reinforced stitching on durable, heavy-duty material, suspended on an attachable carabiner snap hook ensures long-lasting, reliable performance. 
  •  Made with heavy duty material to hold your weight and withstand wear and tear
  • Integrated padded elbow sleeve pockets for comfort during workouts
  •  Extra wide straps for the ultimate support
  • Oversized D-ring connector and wrap around straps to fit with any size bars in your gym 
  •  Designed to minimise arm stress helping to improve your technique
  • Pair of suspension slings designed to tone, trim, and condition absr
  • Slings suspend you above ground for leg raises and oblique exercises
  • Works your abdominals without straining your lower back

These slings encourage superior toning, trimming and conditioning of the entire abdominal area without lower back strain.

In fact, they can actually help a bad back by stretching the muscles and decompressing the spine

  • Ab Crunch
  • Knee Raise
  • Leg Raise
  • Oblique Bend
  • Ab Sling - Straight Leg Raise
  • Ab Sling - Oblique Bend
  • Ab Sling - Knee Raise
  • Ab Sling - Windshield Wipers

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