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Ben Pakulksi's Mi40

Discover How You Can Immediately Double Your Muscle Gains, Remodel ANY “Weak” Body Part, Smash EVERY Plateau, All While Revealing Your Abs At The SAME Time…


Attention Men & Women: 

If you're tired of busting your butt only to find you're the same size as last month, tired of seeing guys work out half as much and get twice as big, frustrated with your slow-to-grow body parts, OR confused to why you can't gain muscle without the fat...

Envision getting size & cuts at the same time every 6 weeks – while revealing your washboard abs!

To summarize, why do guys and gals struggle to make even modest gains?

  • Obsessing over heavier weights instead of increasing TIME UNDER TENSION.
  • Training through a limited range of motion due to a lack of biomechanic muscle function and how to fully shorten and lengthen a muscle through it's greatest strength curve.
  • Not knowing if "I did enough" or if "I did too much?" -- a.k.a. being uncertain if your workout intensity was optimal to elicit hormonal, metabolic and nervous system response to trigger growth.
  • Failure to stimulate maximal testosterone response.
  • Crappy diet that piles on more fat than muscle.


Today you have a chance to take your physique to incredible new heights and maximize your potential with my revolutionary new system – I will teach you how to achieve massive muscle and immense strength without the use of drugs, helping you achieve physical perfection naturally.


The Critical Bench Program 2.0

Increase Your Bench Press 50 lbs in 10 Weeks

This best selling Power Building “Bench Specialization” program helps you add 50 lbs to your bench press in 10 weeks while packing on lean muscle mass in the process.

Power Building is a hybrid powerlifting and bodybuilding training style.  You’ll get strong like a powerlifter but look as jacked as bodybuilder when you combine compound lifts with targeted auxiliary exercises.

Join over 25,587 others that have already experienced the amazing results from the very program that has been our most popular seller for over a decade!

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Unlock Your Glutes

It’s time to UNLOCK the “Sleeping Giant” Within…  Everything you know about training your body’s LARGEST Muscle for greater shape, power, strength and long-term health is wrong.


Your glutes are your body’s Most Powerful muscle, yet they’re also the most misunderstood. 

The fact is most people think that squats and lunges are the best way to grow the glutes. Science has proven that thinking wrong. Weak glutes are often the “hidden” factor in most injuries, including poor posture, lower back pain, knee pain, hamstring strains, muscle imbalances and lower body injury.

Your glutes are the true POWERHOUSE of your body and it’s about time you discovered how to sculpt powerful glutes and a strong butt.

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Crunchless Core

The Most Effective Way to Sculpt Chiseled Abs and an Iron Core in 60-Days
Getting ripped 6-pack abs or super strong core muscles has VERY little to do with traditional exercises like crunches and sit-ups.

In fact, new research says otherwise and that’s exactly why strength experts have abandoned these dated and potentially dangerous exercises found to actually screw up your spine!

The Crunchless Core program was designed by a Certified Strength Coach to help RESET your core by strengthening the deep layers of your core and build the rock solid abs you’ve been working so hard to get.

It’s time to stop getting frustrated with all of the misinformation out there and struggling to develop a six-pack. Crunchless Core is the workout blueprint for perfect abs whether you’re a pro athlete or amateur.

You will breathe better, stand taller, improve posture, enjoy better health and more vitality, every waking hour. Finally, sculpt chiseled beach body abs built properly from the inside out that turn heads wherever you go and give you real explosive power!

Get Chiseled Abs & an Iron Core without Screwing Up Your Spine




REAL LIFE Self Defense

We like to believe we can handle ourselves when faced with an attacker. It’s not a situation anyone wants to think about, but we like to think we could protect ourselves when a thug thrusts a knife in our face or pushes a gun into our chest.

The World’s Most Experienced Tactical Trainer Mike Gillette reveals how to avoid the 3 Fatal Mistakes every assault victim makes so that we may survive, defend and protect ourselves in ANY situation.

If you’re not prepared, you make mistakes, serious mistakes.  

The shocking fact is most people don’t know what to do. In this highly pressurized situation, most people crumble. Because contrary to popular belief, when things go south we don’t rise to the challenge. We fall back to our best level of preparation, which for most people, that means NONE.

Protect Yourself and Those You Love with REAL LIFE Self Defense




Injury & Pain Products & Solutions


Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Your hips are the bridge between your upper body and lower body and the hidden key to strength and vitality. They are at the center of your body’s movement and the true source of power in your training.



Unfortunately, most people unknowingly damage and abuse their hips every day due to too much sitting. Even elite level athletes cause stress and damage to their hips.

The reason few people manage to fix their hip flexors is simple, it’s really a hard area to reach because the primary hip flexor muscle called the psoas is buried deep inside your core making it very tough to access.

It’s a hard muscle to find, let alone train.

So it’s little wonder why trying to loosen it requires more than a simple static hip flexor stretch like the ones you see in most gyms.

You’ve probably found you’re spending (or wasting) hours of your time stretching this way only to find it’s having minimal effect on how you feel and how you function during your workouts.

That’s because you need to attack the muscle from a variety of angles using a variety of exercise techniques and modalities in order to “unpack” the muscle in the right way.

The truth is, you can learn to release your tight hip flexors on your own in as little as 15-minutes!

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Fix Ugly Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture or FHP affects nearly everybody, yet hardly anyone understands the serious long-term physical and mental damage it can cause



Your neck is literally the BRIDGE between your head and your body. It’s the balance beam from which good posture flows.

As the main connector between your upper torso and skull, the neck has the crucial task of cradling the body’s computer — the brain.

Not only does Forward Head Posture give your back that ugly hunch and crouched-over look, it also causes much deeper, serious problems.

Although there are a number of major muscles in the neck and back, there is one “vital” muscle at the front of your neck which does all the lifting and that muscle is the sternocleidomastoid.

When your sternocleidomastoid is strong and supple, your head sits perfectly upon your neck.

This muscle is the key to your postural health.

When you see how deeply connected the muscles around your neck and back are to each other, you realize there has to be a right order in which to exercise these for optimal effect.

If you don’t, you’re wasting your time doing ANY stretching. You need to hit the muscles from different directions using a combination of exercise techniques to properly target them.

Once you know the right way to do it, you can learn to fix your head posture on your own in 15 minutes per day!

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