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 Product Description:

This is a pair of Power Hand Bar Weight Lifting Straps. It's 100% cotton straps will lock your hands to the bar in a comfortable, quick and easy way. Standard length, heavy duty and thick.

Does your grip let you down?

Does your grip allow you totally exhaust the muscle group you are working, or do your forearms give out instead?

Don't let your grip let you down.

To Use: Simply insert end through the small loop. Pull loop around the wrist and then wrap the end around the bar. Grip strap firmly when using. When you want to release the bar you just let go of the strap. A very cheap but effective training aid that can double the intensity of your workouts. Its 20-inch extended length allows you to wrap the bar several times. Measures 1.5 inches in width. One size fits all!


    • Premium quality
    • Suitable for Lat-pull downs, Deadlifts, Dumbell and Barbell Shrugs, Bent-over barbell rows and One arm barbell rows.
    • Black color
    • Shoulder width: 4 cm .approximately
    • Length: 55 cm .approximately
    • Soft foam length: 15.5cm
    • Handwash
    • Material: With 100% cotton
8 colors available
1Pair (2 pieces)   Weight Lifting Hand Wrist Bar Support Strap

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