Critical Muscle V-Shaper Structured Belt

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By keeping your core compressed, the Structured Belt will have you standing taller and with confidence, while gradually reducing your waistline - resulting in a tapered, athletic physique.

 Look slimmer instantly 
 Suppresses appetite
 Improves posture
 Tightens waist
 Supports back 

Featuring a structured yet breathable construction + removable 'bones' for extra support. Perfect for desk work, long drives or just wearing around the house!


    Sizing Guide

    Measure around your belly button

    • Medium 26-30"
    • Large 30-34"
    • XL 34-38"
    • XXL 38-40"

    The VShaper slimming belts are super simple to get on and off.

      1. Strap the main part of the belt firmly around your waist.
      2. Use the secondary straps to tighten the belt to your desired fit.
      3. You are good to go! Enjoy the benefits of your new V-Shaper slimming belt